Drawing inspirations
from martial arts, contact dance, somatics, fascia, deep tissue, acupressure, Thai and Indo-Malay massage 

Massage is a blink from the spiritual realm to update the physical form

Giving impulses
that enable renewal

Introducing new information into the multilayered network under the skin

A holistic clearing of home
(body and mind)

Shifting muscles, bones
and frequencies

Initiation and rejuvenation

Establishing harmony between appeasing and reactivating, calming and revitalizing

To activate self-healing

To center

To s(m)ooth

Studio 1
Sense Healing Space
Kopenhagener Str. 27
Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

60min = 70 EUR
90min = 100 EUR

Studio 2
Kreuzberg, Berlin
Please request

60min = 55 EUR
90min = 85 EUR