Ardian Hartono’s
knowledge about body communication originated in martial arts. Growing up in China, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Germany, he trained in various styles from the age of 10.

In 2002,
he embarked on a journey to Indonesia, where he met his first spiritual teacher Manfred Otto Linz on a volcanic island in Sumatra. Following him with a camera, Ardian experienced the intelligence and medicinal properties of both plants and physical touch.

After this initiation
he landed in Munich, Germany, to study the technique of massage as an apprentice of Celia Holst and to work at
Singa-Pur and Float Center.

In 2008, he travelled to India to immerse himself into Vipassana meditation, Indian martial arts, Yoga and Sa Re Ga Ma, an ancient voice training. During a heatwave in the Himalayas he encountered a group of performers and joined them as a dancer, embodying the element fire. Visions he received in meditations transformed his way of perceiving
the physical body.

After India, Ardian moved to Berlin as a fire dancer
and massage therapist
at Chimosa.
He also performed
at Schaubühne, HAU, Parochialkirche and Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi in Berlin as well as Pinakothek der Moderne and Neues Ägyptisches Museum in Munich.

Ardian is currently training Butoh dance to explore the potentials and poetry of consciousness.
He has refined his massage technique, the 
Hartono massage, and started teaching it in 2018.