Ardian Hartono thrives in the space between. It is the intersection of energy and tension, spontaneity and purpose, self-expression and service, the spiritual and the elemental. As an acclaimed masseur and dancer, his passion – the essence of life itself – is cultivating the unpredictable.

Hartono's lifelong exploration of body communication has led him to many places, cultures, teachings and experiences. The self-described teleporter has spent decades diving into somatic work, martial arts, dance and theatre. Every mentor, collaborator or creation a waypoint on his journey of awakening, he found his truest being in massage therapy and dance – or perhaps it found him.

More than fifteen years of raising vibrations shaped the Hartono Massage technique, which he has taught since 2018. Now himself a mentor, he plans to open his own studio and take his workshops global. Over the past decade, Hartono has also honed various contemporary and traditional dance styles. Indonesian-inspired Butoh stokes his inner fire the most, encapsulating his fascination for storytelling, ritualism, symbolism and mysticism.